Rodent problems? We’re here to help

It starts with the sound of scratching and scuffling in the night. Musty smells, smudge marks? Then teeth marks start to appear on household items and furnishings. Maybe a dropping or two. Then, before you know it, the little critters are brave enough to scurry about right in front of you. Yes, we’re talking about rats and mice!

Rodent infestation is a nightmare for any homeowner or business manager, causing destruction and spreading disease. Wicklen is a family business which has been established for over 25 years, working throughout the Midlands with a reliable and professional service.

We comply with all health and safety regulations and are very environmentally aware. We now provide rodent control for domestic, commercial and agricultural clients across Sutton Coldfield and the West Midlands.

Did you know these mouse and rat facts:

  • Rats need to gnaw as their teeth never stop growing. This can lead to damage to electrical cables, pipework and phone cables, causing fire, flooding and expensive bills.
  • Rats and mice spread diseases, a nightmare for any parent or business owner.
  • One nesting mouse pair can produce a family of over 2000 in just 12 months!

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Family Business established over 30 years

Family run business established over 30 years, for all your drainage requirements and consulting

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0121 227 3467