Typical Defects

Typical defects include circumferential/longitudinal cracking this is where the brittle clay vitreous cracks eventually allowing an escape of waste and foul water weakening the structure of the drain pipe.

Mis/Displaced joints are normally apparent when the system has leaked from a defective joint for several years, the water escaping weakens the supporting sub soil causing one section of the clay to drop away from the other resulting in a misplaced joint. 

Tree root ingress small needle roots gain access through into the drainage system as it usually has a constant supply of water, they enter through cracks or misplaced joints, as time passes the roots grow in size, opening the defect further and eventually filling the complete diameter of the sewer.Call Wicklen on 0121 227 3467 for a complete drain repair and installation service in Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield, Tamworth and Solihull.
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