Wicklen Services



A sophisticated CCTV drain camera is inserted into your drainage system, this can establish the overall conditions of your drains, the severity of defects (if any), the general systems flow rate and pinpoint the drains location above ground. Surveys are normally required when a problem is suspected, for building societys and sometimes purely for piece of mind that everything underground is in a good working condition. Out of sight out of mind.



Typical defects include circumferential/longitudinal cracking this is where the brittle clay vitreous cracks eventually allowing an escape of waste and foul water weakening the structure of the drain pipe. Mis/Displaced joints are normally apparent when the system has leaked from a defective joint for several years, the water escaping weakens the supporting sub soil causing one section of the clay to drop away from the other resulting in a misplaced joint. Tree root ingress small needle roots gain access through into the drainage system as it usually has a constant supply of water, they enter through cracks or misplaced joints, as time passes the roots grow in size, opening the defect further and eventually filling the complete diameter of the sewer.




Manholes/inspection chambers are very important for any drainage system, they allow access inside the system for further equipment to investigate or carry out remedial works.



Rats and mice deserve to be here just as much as us however sometimes they do push the boundaries of where they are wanted, this is when they require controlling. Mice and rats reproduce at an alarming rate, for most people one is more than enough, if you do suspect a rodent always act sooner rather than later. It is estimated that 40% of rat infestation is caused by defective drains.



Structural re-lining or ‘no dig technology’ is the technology in which a new drain pipe can be inserted inside your existing old sewer without the requirement for excavation. A liquid resin is inserted inside your existing drain pipes and inflated to diameter, this then cures (goes hard) leaving the brand new pipe within your pipe, smoother than the original.


tree root

When tree roots gain entry to the system through defects, it can result in a vast amount of problems. Wicklen cut, bore and remove all traces of the tree root, then carry out the required works to prevent the problem reoccurring.



Involves high pressure water jets, for unblocking drains the jets are used to pass through all debris in the pipe and cut through the blockage, reducing it in diameter. With time, pipes often accumulate grease and other general debris reducing the flow rate and losing their efficiency, having your drains cleaned can help prevent any issues and helps keep your drains in a perfect working order.