How to prevent your drain blocking

We all know what a big inconvenience a blocked drain is! but before you do call us there may be an easier method for you try, your first instinct might be to grab some heavy-duty chemical drain cleaner and pour that into the drain. However, there are several other options to help unblock your drain that do not involve harsh chemicals. However if you do require a professional service for your stubborn block that will just not go away, you can call on us here at Wicklen

Boiling Water

If you pour boiling water into your drains on a weekly basis, this can actually help prevent the build-up of hair and other debris in your drains. This is a good way to prevent blocks and it’s a safe and effective drain cleaner. Just be sure to handle that hot water carefully!


Pour one cup of Borax (also known as sodium borate) and then four cups of boiling water into the blocked drain and then wait about 25 minutes. Then flush the drain with cold water. This drain cleaner is also efficient because it doesn’t involve many ingredients.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is a great drain cleaner too, just mix  50/50 solution with cold water and pour into the culprit drain

While not all chemical drain cleaners on the market are bad for your drains, some can damage your septic system. A lot of these drain cleaners have lye in them, and lye is very caustic. It’s a corrosive material that whilst it may get rid of a drain build-up, it can also burn your skin, irritate your nose and throat. Limiting your contact with this type of drain cleaner is your best bet.

When you need a reliable, affordable drain company in your area, Wicklen are here to help you!