The three most bizarre things Wicklen had found working in sewers

It’s not very often we get bizarre things in drains, just the usual expected, but here are three of the most bizarre things we’ve encountered-

  1. A Birds nest complete with old eggs- It had washed down the guttering and into the large storm sewer on a large commercial building Wicklen attend.
  1. A frog- He was alive and bouncing around, quite interested in the drain camera in fact, he sat on top and came for a short ride on top of the camera, we could see his feet hanging over the front of the lens.
  1. A small duck, still alive- Unfortunately he had swam down an overflow for a large pond and was trapped inside the sewer, Wicklen had attended the farm to carry out structural relining to a section of storm sewer and upon surveying the system the duckling was identified, we managed to free him and get him out without any harm. He seemed very happy to be reunited with mum!